Why I Turned To Outbound Marketing (or is it just another shiny object distraction?)

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I think I read too much.

And sometimes, everything I read turns into a shiny new object I think I need to try.

Does that happen to you?

Was just reading this article and started plotting how I could maybe implement this idea. It is some good stuff and I’ve heard many experts recommending it.

Ever written guest posts on massively popular blogs and expected clients to run head over heels to you? I have. And how many clients did I get? Well, zilch.

Okay, I know Inbound is a community of over a hundred thousand inbound marketers (including me). So, just so we get on the same page, I’d like to first mention that I’m not about to badmouth guest posting (or inbound marketing) here.

It’s obviously a powerful strategy and I (and probably you as well) have earned some interesting returns from it.

Moreover, we’ve heard enough stories of how several companies (like Buffer, Groove, etc) have used inbound marketing, especially guest posting, to magnetize leads and close sales with them.

So, granted, inbound marketing works. But how do you explain the short scenario I illustrated above? Like every startup entrepreneur, I wanted results from every single effort I invested to facilitate growth as fast as possible.

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But is it just another distraction?

How does one starting out decide what to try and what to save for the back pocket for another day? Geez, I don’t have a magic ball on this one. But at least read it 🙂



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