Which Startups Have Had the Most Impact in 2015? Which are You using?

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We started smartBusinessPlanet in 2015 – and we’re learning a LOT as we go (and sharing what we learn with you).

But, what tools are you using in your business? Finding them is hard (which is why we’re starting our resources section! Find out MORE!).

This morning, I found this great article that lists several that we’re using.

Why am I sharing? Well heck, if everyone else is using these tools and you’re not aware of them, then you’re behind dude! I know I am – heck most of these i’d not heard of!

I’m using Slack and Nuzzle but none of the others.

Which ones are you using? They mention Periscope competitor Meerkat… are you using either?

12 startups that made an impact in 2015

When it came to tech news, 2015 was dominated by the activities of tech giants like Apple, Facebook and Google, and mega-unicorns like Uber and Airbnb.

It hasn’t been a big year for hyped-up startups, but these 12 names managed to make an impact.

Let’s not get caught up in whether each of these are true startups, growth-stage companies or unicorns (there’s a bit of all three in the list). The point is that these are new names to the masses and managed to cut through and have big years. They’re also names to watch in 2016…

via 12 startups that made an impact in 2015 (note, their site is WEIRD – move your mouse to the right hand side to see the article pop in).




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