{Review} What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

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Review Summary:

Laura Vanderkam has combined her three popular mini e-books into one comprehensive guide, with a new introduction. It will help readers build habits that lead to happier, more productive lives, despite the pressures of their busy schedules. Trough interviews and anecdotes, she reveals . . . What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast—to jump-start the day productively. What the Most Successful People Do On the Weekend—to recharge and prepare for a great week. What the Most Successful People Do at Work—to accomplish more in less time.

The most successful people know that the first hours of the morning are the most important.

Take control of your mornings. Early hours are available to all of us, as long as we choose to use them.

Know what time you would need to get up and what time you would need to go to bed.

Most people are more focused during the morning.

This book talks about recreating your habits to change your productivity by using the morning hours to take control of your life.

The topic is trite. The information is valuable, yet every self-help person speaks of it.

This book is short and to the point. It makes for an easy read or listen. It is worth the hour or so that it would take you to read it, to reintroduce, or reinforce the importance of the first hours of the day.


  • It was short and easy to read/listen to.


  • No new information, just reiteration.

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