smartBusinessPlanet is sharing with you the experience of two people with two different levels of business acumen. Someone who’s been thru an internet startup as a solopreneur (planetMitch) and another who’s just beginning her entrepreneural experience but has studied the heck out of how to do it.

Ladies first:



Abby has an obsession with information, knowledge.

After obtaining a degree in psychology and communication from Cleveland State University she took off into the fantastic world of work! Unfortunately, no one was beating down her door. She sent resumes and interviewed everywhere she could think of and ended up taking the first job she was offered. College degree in hand, Abby was now a minimum wage earning Data Entry person for a longitudinal Bipolar research study. Three years of backed data needed to be entered and with laser focus and diligence, she had them caught up in less than five months. A wonderful accomplishment, even though she worked herself out of a job.

However, luck was on her side. Abby was hired as a supervisor at an individualized care facility. Abby spent the next seven years honing her management and leadership skills. She also had a really long commute to work which enabled her to feed her information obsession with audiobooks.

Abby learned a few things in college. She learned a lot more from her last 14 years of, as Zig Ziglar would put it, Automobile University.

Abby has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but never knew what to call it. She always had “side jobs,” stall cleaning, pet sitting, budgeting, home organizing, etc.. Yet, she never had her own business. Why? Well, because that’s scary. How can you just drop your day job for something that is unknown? Still, here she was making almost as much in side jobs as she was from her salary.

So, Abby bit the bullet and started her business. Then, started a business with a partner. (She always has to have a “side job” even if they are both her real jobs:)

Currently Abby has been working as a small business coach to assist companies in simplifying, organizing, and planning. She has been doing personal organizing, budget coaching and life coaching as well.

Abby has taken her years of information gathering and combined them with her personal experience to assist client’s in focusing, accountability, and something else to better themselves and reach their goals.

On a more personal note, Abby has traveled from France to Switzerland and Monaco.  Her introduction to horses began with the United States Pony Club.  She has lived and worked as a groom in Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, and Minnesota.

She finds people and their cultures fascinating and readily makes lasting friendships wherever she goes. Friends and colleagues have always gravitated to her for her advice. Not realizing she was preparing for a life long career, she gladly gave her opinion to anyone and everyone.

She has guided friends with addictions, physical and mental abuse,  people who have lost loved ones, and dealt with the loss of all her grandparents and many friends – many more than usual for someone her age.  As a young teenager she stood by her father as he endured, the accusations of a nationally publicized court case.  She selflessly relocated to Florida for the last two years to take care of her mother experiencing medical problems.

It is the combination of all of these life experiences that make her so compassionate and such a good listener. Her cheery outlook on life will captivate you and be well worth the time you spend with her.



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Mitch “planetMitch” Aunger is the creator and mastermind behind planet5D.com — which covers every aspect of DSLR video and photography cameras (and a whole lot of other cameras as well). A lover of photography since his early days, he graduated to selling stock photos to make a little bit of spare cash. It wasn’t much, but it allowed him to upgrade to better cameras as well as computers, and it wasn’t taking money away from feeding his family.

He loves the stories that the still image can tell. In the summer of 2008, he read a story written by Arnold Kim called “I Quit My Job” — Arn is the owner of macrumors.com. He started macrumors in 2000 as a hobby, and by 2008 he was making more money with the site than he was on his day job, so he quit. The surprise to the story is that he was a doctor making more than six figures! Right then and there, planetMitch dreamed about doing the same thing.

September 2008 rolled around, and Canon announced this new version of the incredible 5D — the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. It was the first Canon DSLR to shoot full HD video and the earth moved! (It really was a huge deal in the photography world.) planetMitch knew if there was ever a chance to ride a wave of something he was really passionate about, this was it — and the blog at planet5D.com was born. It is now one of the most popular HDSLR blogs on the planet, and he is making a full-time living (over 6 figures per year). He couldn’t be happier!

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